Welcome to the complete collection of Amiga tracker modules (MODs) composed by J.P.Boggis (AKA JC Digita) between 1990 and 1994 on the Amiga using NoiseTracker or ProTracker.   To play these modules, you will need a module player, such as WinAmp on the PC, or ProTracker on a 'real' Amiga.

These modules may be freely downloaded for personal listening via a module player on the PC, Macintosh, etc. or a 'real' Amiga.   For any other use (Including recordings or commercial use), please contact the author to ask for permission.

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Date: MP3: Title: Length: Size: Rating: Original: Complete: (Group)/Comments:
03/06/1993   1fm Chartz 00:30 94Kb No No Old BBC Radio 1 jingle.
??/??/1991 [MP3] A Walk In The Snow 01:04 59Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  Composed as an exercise for a GCSE music lesson at high school!
26/05/1992 [MP3] All Together Now 04:07 82Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of "All Together Now" by The Farm.
??/??/1991 [MP3] AmigaCOM 00:50 43Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of "Dance Of The Hours" by Amilcore Ponchielli.
07/04/1991 [MP3] Another Dimension 02:06 82Kb Yes Yes
29/12/1993 [MP3] Asylum Intro 04:10 24Kb Yes Yes (Asylum)  Intro music for the group 'Asylum' (My last Amiga tune.)
08/04/1994 [MP3] Asylum Theme 05:45 118Kb Yes Yes (Asylum)  Theme tune for the group 'Asylum'.
20/06/1991 [MP3] Balance Of Sine 02:35 44Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
??/??/???? [MP3] Bit Planes 01:09 52Kb Yes Yes
28/06/1991 [MP3] Blade Runner 01:47 80Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of the end title music from the excellent film "Blade Runner".
04/01/1992 [MP3] Boo Hoo Neighbours 01:23 122Kb No Yes Rendition of a tune from the soap "Neighbours" (Played whenever something 'sad' happened!)
02/06/1993   Brilliance! 00:03 100Kb Yes No (GALAX Software)  Unfinished song idea.
13/08/1991 [MP3] Broken Day 00:33 74Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of a Yamaha keyboard demo tune.
??/??/????   Cassie In The Gulf 03:35 93Kb No Yes Mess around version of earlier tune 'War In The Gulf' (Check out the samples, including the pet cat 'Cassie' meowing and my famous sampled burp! :)
05/06/1991   Charts Remix 00:38 35Kb No Yes Song composed to test Protracker 1.0 (Songs were composed in Noisetracker prior to this.)
??/??/1990   Cool Beat 01:18 81Kb Yes Yes Early attempt at a song.
12/08/1991 [MP3] Dance Away! 03:58 78Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
11/07/1993 [MP3] Debenhams 03:55 159Kb No Yes (GALAX Software)  Rendition of a piped tune I kept hearing once every hour while doing my Saturday job at Debenhams department store in Ipswich!
23/07/1991 [MP3] Deceased 02:51 42Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)
24/06/1991   Decimo Quadrascope 01:09 68Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
18/07/1991   Depression 02:49 68Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
23/07/1992 [MP3] Dig It! 03:35 76Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of "Can You Dig It" by The Mock Turtles that was featured on my 'Music Madness' music disk.
09/04/1991   Ding Dong Merrily 02:03 56Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of a popular Xmas carol.
??/??/1991 [MP3] Dynamic Modulo 02:49 211Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  Features samples of:  The toilet being flushed(!), something being dropped in a sink full or water and somebody talking on the CB radio!
01/05/1991   Dynamix 01:16 52Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
28/06/1991 [MP3] Electronic Symphony 03:22 109Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
19/07/1991 [MP3] Emperor's Prelude 03:05 119Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  Composed for my 'Music Session' music disk.
19/10/1992 [MP3] Enter The Arena 15:11 387Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)  Song composed to be played in the Laser Quest arena at Ipswich (Arcade Street.)
??/??/1991   Experimental 00:53 49Kb No No
18/07/1991 [MP3] Flow Away 03:04 53Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
??/??/1990   Great Sound 01:20 64Kb Yes Yes
16/05/1991 [MP3] Heavy Metal 01:27 114Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
??/??/1990   Hi There 01:50 77Kb Yes Yes Even worse than 'What A Racket!' :)
??/??/1990   HS Song 00:42 27Kb No Yes
??/??/1991   I Don't Know 00:38 32Kb No Yes
21/05/1991 [MP3] Intergrated Sonix 00:57 67Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
27/07/1991 [MP3] Intro 32 02:20 57Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)  Intro music for my 'Music Session' music disk.
06/06/1991   Jarre III 00:36 46Kb No Yes Another remix of earlier 'JCD JazzJarre' song.
??/??/1991   Jarrish 02:07 59Kb No Yes
01/06/1991   JazzJarre II 03:23 121Kb No Yes Follow-up to earlier 'JCD JazzJarre' song.
??/??/1991   JCD Humanoid 00:06 41Kb Yes No Quick song created using 'human' instruments (Sampled using my first sound sampler.)
??/??/1990   JCD JazzJarre 00:36 42Kb No Yes
??/??/1990   JCD MegaBass 01:22 55Kb Yes Yes
??/??/1990   JCD Piano Concerto 00:26 37Kb Yes Yes Early attempt at a song.
??/??/1991   JCD Ragtime 01:06 26Kb Yes Yes (GALAX Software)  Composed as an exercise for a GCSE music lesson at high school!
??/??/1991   JCD Remixed Jarre 00:36 45Kb No Yes Remix of earlier 'JCD JazzJarre' song.
??/??/1990   JCD Spring Song 00:07 41Kb No Yes
20/06/1991   Keyboard Beat 00:34 76Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  Song made to sound like it was played on a low-end Casio keyboard!
03/07/1991 [MP3] Krazy Klassix 01:05 49Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
24/01/1992 [MP3] Mad Intro 05:45 28Kb Yes Yes
12/06/1991   Madrical Madness 02:26 80Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
19/07/1991   MCA Tonality 03:35 58Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)  Composed for my 'Music Session' music disk.
22/06/1991 [MP3] Never Again 03:35 181Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)  Improvements made on 03/06/1993.
06/04/1991   New Horizons 01:20 28Kb Yes Yes
??/??/????   Morbid 00:58 96Kb Yes No Unfinished song idea.
26/11/1991   Once In Royal DC 00:24 63Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of the popular Xmas carol "Once In Royal David's City" that was used as intro music for the Frenetic 8 Xmas demo.
12/09/1991 [MP3] One Moment In Time 02:27 60Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of "One Moment In Time" by Whitney Houston.
02/05/1991   Out Of Memory 00:51 12Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  Chip tune using only a small amount of memory.
28/07/1991 [MP3] Outrun Extra 04:49 65Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of the theme music from the arcade game "Outrun".
05/09/1991   Peace In Jerusalem 01:51 66Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of a traditional choral song with variation.
27/07/1991 [MP3] Piano Song! 03:12 44Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
??/??/1990   Poached Eggs 00:31 47Kb No Yes
04/01/1992 [MP3] Quartet 02:22 50Kb No Yes (Frenetic 8)  Rendition of a demo tune from the Atari ST SoundTracker clone 'Quartet' (Partly composed in 1990)
17/07/1991   Quickie 00:15 6Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
17/07/1991 [MP3] Re-Entry 01:59 37Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
15/10/1991 [MP3] Reggae 02:13 69Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
25/07/1991   Reunion 09:45 94Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
29/05/1991 [MP3] Sadness Part III 02:14 89Kb Yes Yes PC module player incompatible timing fixed using a HEX editor!
20/03/1992 [MP3] Salvation 06:16 179Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
??/??/1990   Sheps Washed Socks 00:15 34Kb No Yes Rendition of the popular Xmas carol "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks".  This was my first attempt at an Amiga tracker tune.
19/06/1991   Shopping 01:36 51Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of "Shopping" by The Pet Shop Boys.
08/09/1991 [MP3] Silent Movie 02:49 46Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
25/08/1991 [MP3] Suspense 05:30 99Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)
21/07/1991   Teach The World 00:53 22Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" by The New Seekers that was featured on my 'Music Session' music disk.
??/??/1991   Tell Me More 01:12 61Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of "Summer Nights" by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta from the movie Grease.
02/06/1991   Tell Me More II 01:16 106Kb No Yes (The Management)  Remix of earlier 'Tell Me More' song.
14/04/1991 [MP3] The Bass 03:00 111Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  One of my compositions for my GCSE music exam at high school!  Featuring sample from Double Trouble And The Rebel MC - Street Tuff
??/??/1991   The Bells 01:09 49Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
27/06/1991   The Equaliser 03:19 124Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of the theme music from the TV series "The Equaliser".
14/06/1991 [MP3] The Learner!!! 01:25 128Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound Of Music.
12/05/1991   The Pipes 00:29 69Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
??/??/1991 [MP3] Theme and Variation 04:31 46Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  One of my compositions for my GCSE music exam at high school!
02/07/1991   TMDC Run Run Runs! 00:46 29Kb No Yes (The Management)  Intro music for a demo by order of The Management! - If you saw the UK TV fireworks safety campaign around this time, you will know where the idea for the group name 'The Management' (And this music) came from!
03/05/1991   Total Distinction 00:53 10Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
14/04/1991   Total Maniac 00:51 40Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  Title music for the game 'Total Maniac', originally created on the Amiga using AMOS, and a few years later on the PC using Borland Turbo Pascal.
1991 [MP3] Total Maniac (AMOS Version) 03:05 40Kb Yes Yes (The Management)  AMOS version of the title music for the game 'Total Maniac.  This longer version was composed using AMOS's own built-in music editor.  The original shorter version was composed in Protracker. Recorded live from Total Maniac running in AMOS under WinUAE.
28/05/1991   Total Overload 02:44 63Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
??/??/1991 [MP3] Under Water 01:48 45Kb Yes Yes Unfinished sequencing finished off using a PC hex editor!
??/??/????   War In The Gulf 03:35 44Kb No Yes Rendition of "Smalltown Boy" by Bronski Beat created around the time when war broke out in the Gulf (Hence the name.)
??/??/1990   Wenccy 00:16 50Kb No Yes (The Management)  Rendition of the popular Xmas carol "Good King Wenceslas" - Drum track by 'Dr. Digital', a fellow member of the Management (Then known as 'MC Sex Drive'!)
??/??/1990   What A Racket! 01:16 67Kb Yes Yes The name says it all! (An early tune!)
29/03/1994   Wiggly Worm '94 00:15 153Kb Yes Yes (GALAX Software)  Sound tracks for the unfinished enhanced version of Wiggly Worm '94 (Wiggly Worm '94 Special Edition is now available FREE from www.jcdigita.com)
16/05/1991   Wots This One Then 01:47 79Kb Yes Yes (The Management)
05/04/1991   WSWTFBN 01:16 67Kb No Yes Revamp of my first attempt at an Amiga tracker tune 'Sheps Washed Socks' (Rendition of the popular Xmas carol.)
09/11/1991 [MP3] Z Motion 02:26 64Kb Yes Yes (Frenetic 8)  Composed for my 'Music Madness' music disk.


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